YOUR Perfect Birth Team: The Medical Provider

I often get questions from friends and clients about local midwives and obstetricians. Usually they want to know if I think a particular provider is the right one for them. My answer is always the same: It doesn't matter what I think. It matters that *you* feel confident in their care and support of your [...]

A Different View of Postpartum Mental Health

Most of us have heard of postpartum depression and many are also familiar with postpartum anxiety. Often both of these illnesses are thought to present with similar symptoms such as overwhelming and often unexplainable sadness, difficulty performing non essential tasks, lack of focus, constant exhaustion, being impatient, constantly feeling overwhelmed and worried about all of [...]

Who Has My Back? (Part 2 of 3)

Stefanie Kelly is the first doula that I started using as my back-up doula. Stefanie is very knowledgeable and kind. She also has a wonderful sense of humor. Stefanie is supportive of all birth preferences and encourages education to make informed choices. Stefanie also does placenta encapsulating and I highly recommend her for that service. [...]