Empowered Birth Series: A Story of Being Your Best Advocate

In the second post in this series of empowered births we will hear about the birth of Aria. Her parents, Nidhi and Andrew, are a lovely couple that clearly loved each other and their daughter. Talking with Nidhi through her 3rd trimester made me confident that she was well informed and quite capable of making [...]

What Does It Mean To “Mother The Mother”

Many times doulas are described as someone who "mothers the mother" during the childbearing year. But what does that really mean? Often it is thought of as being nurturing, loving, and gentle while softly and sweetly encouraging the mom-to-be through the process. Most of the time that is exactly what a doula "mothering the mother" [...]

Prenatal Chiropractic-Better Posture for Better Birth Outcomes

I regularly recommend chiropractic care for my clients to help with comfort in pregnancy as well as increasing the likelihood of optimal fetal positioning. I asked Dr. Katherine Wilson of Wilson Chiropractic in Dunwoody, GA to share why chiropractic is so beneficial specifically during pregnancy. The birth of your child should be your greatest memory. [...]

Giving Birth At Atlanta Medical Center: An Insiders Guide

Atlanta Medical Center, previously known as Georgia Baptist Hospital, is a teaching hospital that has served Atlanta, Georgia since 1901. Located on Boulevard, not far from Ponce de Leon and 75/85, it is convenient for many in Atlanta and the surrounding suburbs. AMC, as it is often referred to, has the ability to heliport patients [...]

YOUR Perfect Birth Team: The Childbirth Education Class

We are almost done talking about how to create the best birth team for you! While your childbirth educator will not be with you during labor and birth (unless your doula is teaching your class) it still has a HUGE impact on your birth experience. In most cities there are several options which gives pregnant [...]