Prenatal Chiropractic-Better Posture for Better Birth Outcomes


I regularly recommend chiropractic care for my clients to help with comfort in pregnancy as well as increasing the likelihood of optimal fetal positioning. I asked Dr. Katherine Wilson of Wilson Chiropractic in Dunwoody, GA to share why chiropractic is so beneficial specifically during pregnancy.

The birth of your child should be your greatest memory. As a mother of 3 children, all born at home I know the importance of having a healthy body during pregnancy. I firmly believe every pregnant woman deserves to experience an enjoyable pregnancy free of unnecessary pain and discomfort as well increased energy and restful sleep. I also believe every pregnant mother should enter into labor and delivery with a healthy spine and nervous system. It is imperative in experiencing a safe, intervention free and empowered birth.

How can one achieve this? Through safe, gentle and effective prenatal chiropractic care!

Prenatal chiropractic deals with the relationship between the spine, pelvis, and nervous system. When you are pregnant your body experiences so much change. Structural, chemical (hormones), and emotional. Prenatal chiropractic care will allow you to feel better, rest easier and have more energy during these changes and most importantly allow for less interventions and safer outcomes for labor and delivery.

When you are pregnant it’s important to have good posture and a properly moving spine. The pelvis during pregnancy and all the supporting muscles and ligaments must be balanced and relaxed. With your body constantly growing and changing it can make it more difficult to keep the structures aligned and balanced on their own.

As our baby grows it stretches the uterus and the supporting structures. This can create muscle spasms and ligament imbalance. Spasms and imbalances will cause pain, discomfort and will often make day to day tasks more difficult. The chiropractic adjustment while balancing the pelvis creates ease and comfort through all stages of pregnancy. Moms who get adjusted throughout pregnancy note having more energy, move easier and enjoy their overall pregnancy.

Prenatal chiropractic can also reduce the need for interventions during labor and delivery which means safer outcomes for mom and baby. When the pelvis is aligned and the ligaments are relaxed there is less structural instability. The pulling of ligaments and muscles can distort the shape of the pelvis making the baby’s ability to navigate the birth canal more challenging and sometimes impossible. These circumstances can lead to interventions such as forceps, vacuum extraction and emergency c-section.

A mother’s body is designed to birth her child and will do so with greater ability and ease when all the supporting structures are properly aligned.

The birth of your child extends far beyond the actual act of giving birth but resides in the forefront of the conscious mind. The birth can feel like the mothers first responsibility. It’s her initial role as a mother and it lays down the first stepping stones of this journey. Being proactive with prenatal care and creating opportunities for your body to grow with ease and comfort will give you a greater opportunity to have a healthy and enjoyable prenatal journey and a safer labor and delivery.

For more information regarding prenatal chiropractic please feel free to contact me at

Dr KatherineDr. Katherine Wilson is the proud mother to 3 wonderful children; 2 boys and 1 girl. She alongside her husband Dr. Jake own and operate Wilson Family Chiropractic in beautiful Dunwoody, Georgia. She is a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor.


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