Northside Forsyth is a hospital located to the north of Atlanta in Cumming just off of Highway 400. The Women’s Center at this hospital is beautiful and offers many options to expecting women and their partners. Whether you prefer to birth with an obstetrician or midwife, if you are in the northeast Atlanta suburbs Northside Forsyth is worthy of consideration.

Upon arrival at Northside Forsyth Women’s Center you will enjoy the convenience of an easy, open parking lot rather than a parking deck. Many hospitals will allow a car transporting a laboring woman to pull up in the front and park temporarily but then requires that the woman’s partner leave to park in the long term parking area. However, Northside Forsyth goes one step further and has long term parking specifically for laboring women directly next to the main entrance of the Women’s Center.

As you enter the building through the sliding doors you will be greeted by a beautifully decorated and large lobby area. This area is wonderful for family members and friends to wait as there is plenty of comfortable seating and a large area where excited older siblings can move around without disrupting others. In the center of the main lobby area is also a security desk with friendly security guards that are happy to help direct you and assist you if you were to have any concerns. To the left of the lobby is the entrance to the labor and delivery area. When you arrive in labor you will need to check in with the receptionist and answer some typical questions, turn in your ID and insurance card, etc.

On your way to your spacious delivery room you will notice that this is a relatively small labor and delivery unit with a small number of rooms and 2 nurses stations. The department is typically very well staffed with friendly and knowledgeable nurses who are happy to help . Each of the labor and delivery rooms consist of 2 extra long and wide cushioned benches for your support persons to rest on as well as the obligatory rocking chair, hospital bed, newborn assessment warming bed, etc. Each bathroom has a large garden tub and plenty of counter space for your personal items.

I have supported multiple births at Northside Forsyth and I have witnessed the nurses, OBs, and midwives being very supportive of various birth plans. Everything from natural birth to planned surgical birth have been respectfully handled by all staff involved. Of course, like every birthing facility, it is very important to discuss your birth plan with your personal OB or midwife as they are typically the one that has the final say in how flexible things can be during your labor and birth.

Some of the other things that Northside Forsyth offers are mirrors to view the birth, the golden hour being observed after birth, immediate skin to skin, wonderful lactation support, and level 3 NICU for babies that need extra care. Many of these amenities can be expected at the main campus, Northside Atlanta, facility as well. The difference between the 2 hospitals is that Northside Forsyth has a smaller, more personalized feeling that some women might find comforting.

Now, the moment that partners are all waiting for: Food Options! Within the labor and delivery area is a large “pantry” that has coffee, water and ice chips, and vending machines for drinks and snacks. There is a cafeteria in the hospital that is currently fairly small and it is not open over night but does have good food at a reasonable price. Another option is the many local restaurants in Cumming. Some of the nearby options are Atlanta Bread Company, Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle, and Burger King.

Overall, Northside Forsyth Labor and Delivery is an amazing option for women and their families. As with any birth location it is imperative that you consider your birth preferences when choosing your birth location. Asking your provider and the hospital staff plenty of questions is one way to be sure that the birth options that are important to you are accepted at the location you plan to birth at.

Happy Birthing, Mamas!

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