The term “doula” comes from the Ancient Greeks and means “a woman who serves”. Our labor doulas are trained and experienced in many types of birth including Hypnobabies Birthing, Bradley Method, Lamaz, Birthing From Within, etc. We have supported women and their partners through vaginal, cesarean, waterbirth, inductions, medication free birth, epidural assisted births, etc. No matter where or how you choose to birth, a labor doula at Your Voyage Birth Services is there to support you and help you to feel empowered by your decisions knowing that you made evidence based choices for you and your baby.


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Giving Birth At Northside Forsyth: An Insiders Guide

Northside Forsyth is a hospital located to the north of Atlanta in Cumming just off of Highway 400. The Women’s Center at this hospital is beautiful and offers many options to expecting women and their partners. Whether you prefer to birth with an obstetrician or midwife, if you are in the northeast Atlanta suburbs Northside … Continue reading Giving Birth At Northside Forsyth: An Insiders Guide

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